29-11-2021-Update Log

Dear community members. Hello everyone, the following is the official game and community update content today, the project team has been working hard, thank you members have been on the community and the game support and understanding.

Firstly; HERO CAT GAMEFI update content:

  1. four new heroes, four qualities each add a new hero.

  2. Optimize the hero icon activation rules.

  3. Optimize the side chain network.

Secondly; Community platform updates:

  1. DCAT credit 50% of the purchase of community mining pets has been more than a month, I believe that most of the DCAT community users have been admitted, in order to HEROCAT community and the game more healthy development and balance, will update the DCAT purchase community mining pets credit up to 20% of the available DCAT payment, not yet entered the HEROCAT DCAT community users please enter as soon as possible, and thank those DCAT community members have always supported HEROCAT GAMEFI.

2. During the buyback events period, too many community users withdraw a small amount of USDT, resulting in a huge audit workload. After suggestions from community members and discussions by the project team, in order to reduce unnecessary workload, the minimum USDT withdrawal amount for the community platform has been temporarily changed from 10 USDT to 50 USDT.

Thirdly; Upcoming updates to the game system preview and introduction:

HERO CAT GAMFI guild system 1.0 will soon be launched for testing, the guild system for HERO CAT GAMEFI one of the core systems, the future community members can set up a guild, recruit guild members, set up 10,000 people guild, the guild has an exclusive guild beast system and guild super mine pool, you can upgrade the guild beast and team mining, more thousands of people guild PK system, guild competition ranking system, guild world system, etc., will be disclosed one after another.



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