3-12-2021 - Update Log

Dear HERO CAT metaverse players,

thank you community members for your continued support of the project. The development of the community and the game cannot be separated from all community members. We work together to develop and grow. About this HCK increase the pancakeswap liquidity pool.

After HCK went online on Pancake to the central exchange, due to insufficient HCK liquidity and too much price fluctuations, resulting in unnecessary losses for community players, the project team decided to pre-call 100000 HCK and add it to the Pancake liquidity pool to maintain the stability and increase of HCK prices. Great liquidity. At the same time, the total amount of HCK repurchased on the official website will be increased to 100,000 HCK. After the repurchase is full, 100,000 HCK will be returned to the HCK contract account.

HCK Liquidity:

pancakeswap project team HCK total liquidity

Total amount of HCK: 102319 HCK

Total amount of BUSD: 260367 BUSD

Total liquidity pool = 520,000 BUSD

other instructions:

  1. The total circulation of HERO CAT KEY (HCK) is 300 million.

  2. HERO CAT KEY can open all kinds of HERO CAT treasure chests of different levels, and various game items and heroes can be opened according to different treasure chest levels.

  3. HERO CAT KEY Token address: 0x032A4E59387e08443Cf1df662141da09c31ceFa1



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