30-10-2021- Update Log


Hello everyone, here are the official game and community updates that are being made today, as well as previews of systems and events that will be introduced. The project team has been working hard to thank all of you for your continued support and understanding of the community and the game.

I. Regarding the current Green Treasure Chest event, it will be officially closed on November 15, 2021 at 23:59:59 EST time. Please go to the official Green chest event page as soon as possible to get keys and open chests. After the deadline, Keys (Hero Key) will not be available. In the future, new common Keys will be used, please stay tuned and pay attention to the official website for future event updates.

II. Notice on the release of keys awarded for the purchase of mining pets:

Keys release batch has been updated to

EST time: 2021/10/29 23:59:59.

That is, UTC(+8) : 2021/10/30 11:59:59

The above period has purchased the mining pet users, key rewards have been distributed

III. Green Treasure Chest Activity Award Shelving Time:

  1. First event reward : purchase mining pets to get the key reward

  2. Second event reward : Invite friends and spend 100 HCT to get keys The above two event rewards will be stopped after the time below.

EST time: 2021/10/30 23:59:59. (UTC+8): 2021/10/31 11:59:59

IV. Ruby chests event:

  1. The Ruby chests event page has been officially launched (official website and APP are available for prize opening)

III. Announcement of Twitter Retweet Campaign and lottery The latest round of Twitter retweeting activity has been successfully completed, and the list of 100 winners has been randomly selected by the system.

Activity details: https://twitter.com/HeroCatGameFi/status/1454440085257011207


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