31-1-2022 Update Log

Dear community members,

Greetings! Thank you so much for your support to HEROCAT GAMEFI. We are always grateful for the efforts and contributions that you have made to our community. The following is about the HERO CATD EFI 3.0 second round of the A staking pool and the new quota for the equity staking announcement.

HERO CAT DEFI 3.0 A staking pool open announcement

HERO CAT DEFI 3.0 first round of A staking pool's maximum LP shares have met

1.DEFI 3.0 A staking pool: 2,000,000 LP shares

2.Open staking Time: EST 2022/01/24 16:00

The opening of HERO CAT DEFI 3.0 second round of A staking pool

1.DEFI 3.0 A staking pool: will release 1,000,000 LP shares (First come first served)

2. Total amount of LP shares in DEFI 3.0 A staking pool: 3,000,000 LP

3. Open staking Time: EST 2022/01/31 03:00

Please note that the above time is the U.S. Eastern time, please correspond to the public test time according to your location.

About DEFI3.0

1.Participate in DEFI3.0, Staking LP,

mining revenue HCT Tutorial: Click to enter

2.DFI3.0 Website Introduction: Click to ente

The opening of the HERO CAT GAMEFI staking program

Opening of this round of staking: EST 2022/01/31

Available Seats in this round: 500 Players (First come first served)

Notice: the above date is based on EST, please convert the time in accordance with your own location.

About Equity Staking: Equity Staking Guide:Link

Equity Staking: Link


  1. Players can participate in this staking without binding their decentralized wallets.

  2. Please prepare the HCT in advance: HERO CAT -> My Asset (Quantity of HCT). The minimum quantity required to participate in this round staking is 5,000 HCTs.




Dear Community Members,

Greetings! Thanks for your support to HERO CAT GAMEFI. The growth of this project relies on the efforts made by every player. The following is about the “gaining food rewards by purchasing hero chests” event.

Happy Hero Chests: [Date of End]: 00:00 February 3th, 2022 (EST) [Rewards]: Get random kitten cookies rewards with levels 16 - 35 (Food for events) [How to Obtain]: Gain 5 food rewards for every 5 unboxings.


Players gain 5 food rewards for every 5 unboxings. If players open 10 hero chests, then they can gain the food reward twice, with a total amount of 10 food rewards. The lv16 - 35 food rewards are randomly obtained. The food cannot be merged.



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