6-1-2022 Update Log

Dear community members,
Greetings! To celebrate the launch of HEROCAT Open Beta, we launch a flash “Happy Open Beta HCK Lucky Chest” event. The rewards not only include game items, but also "Epic - Sacred - Justice" and "Epic - Sacred - Vivi" to help celebrate the launch of the open beta! Hurry up and grab them!
【Event Theme】:HCK Lucky Chest for Happy Open Beta
【Event time】:2022/01/06 until the end of the official notice. *This event is based on EST time.
【Activity Rewards】:
NFT Hero: Epic-God-Justice (Only 1 for this event)
NFT Super Miner: Epic - Sacred - Vivi (Only 1 for this event)
NFT Heroes: Rare Sacred Heroes (Only 10 for this event)
NFT Heroes: Rare Heroes (only 100 for this event)
Game items: Hero treasure chest
Game items: super miner treasure chest
Game items: fragments
Game items: Idle reward card
Lottery code: All participating in the event will receive a lottery code
The above rewards are randomly obtained, of which only 2 lucky winners can get NFT epic sacred hero and epic sacred miner cat through the lottery code
【Participation Method】:Use HCK to enter the official event page for lottery, click to enter