9-1-2022 Upadte Log


Greetings! Thank you so much for your support to HEROCAT GAMEFI. We are always grateful for the efforts and contributions that you have made to our community. About the upgrading of teh "Arena"; update content from the open beta; new round of dual mining bonus event; and the HCT buyback annoucement.

  1. Updating of Hero Cat GameFi Open Beta Adjust daily NFT Hero chest purchase times from 10 to 20 times with the combination payment of USDT+HCT.

  2. Upgrading and optimizing "Arena" and "Arena Leaderboard" have been done.

a. "Arena" and "Arena Leaderboard" have open.

b. "Leaderboard" award has been issued to account.

c. "Arena" challenge mechanism has been improved, challenge intervals have been added.

3.About the Extension of the Dual Mining Bonus Event

Due to the upgrade and optimization of the side-chain, the leaderboard rewards are delayed and the data of some areas are delayed, the side-chain will automatically add the mining output to the further revenue and the HCT output will not be reduced, meanwhile, the game will open the dual mining bonus event again.

The mining bonus A module: The combat system

The mining bonus B module: Super Mine

Event Time: 1 Day, from 2021/01/10 00:00 - 23:59 (EST)

Please note that this time is based on EST, players should convert the time in accordance with their own time zones.

4.The project team decided to continue to increase the HCT buyback amount to 24,000,000 , and the buyback event rule will be changed to allocate the buyback amount according to the high or low hashrate of the mining pet.

Rules of HCT buyback:

  1. buyback price: 0.2 USDT/HCT

  2. Total amount of HCT repurchased = 24,000,000HCT

  3. Total amount of HCT converted = 24,000,000 HCT - cumulative HCT converted

  4. Total amount of buybacks in this round = 1 million HCT

  5. Number of buybacks per community member = (total number of HCTs bought back in this round / total hashrate of the whole network) X community member hashrate X 5

  6. The buyback opening time is January 10th, 09:00 AM EST.

  7. All HCTs from this buyback serve as an addition to the liquidity pool of the decentralized exchange, increasing the depth of the transaction.



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